Friday, September 16

Be smile everyday :)

How long i din't come here and update my lovely blog? Omgness ! Almost wanna forget my blog :S Anyway,i gotta a new boyfriends :) Is him ,just view our sweet picture :)

Be together with him 26 day,since start from 21August #wink.I'm glad for i had him :) My bf is look like thin but i look like fat.Call me fatty please.I need to keep fit ar! Let's view my recently picture.

My face is getting round round and Round !

Well~ I have study make-up course start from this month 21September.Recently life almost acc hubby everyday :) 5:06AM i can't sleep at all,insomnia :( suffer lah ,arghhhhh !Finish blogger i hope i can sleep as well !
I-phone 4 i-phone 4 can i have you now? Anyone buys for me ? Lols ! 
 I miss him badly here , I LOVE YOU #KISS


Friday, August 12

Recently life.

Hello,i have a been long time didn't update my lovely blog.It's too lazy update,forgive me please :( Do you all miss me ? *wink

Recently life ? Everyday just same , afternoon time just wake up and take a bath then go out already till midnight just back home. All day just same one day. But recently more one activity its CLUB LIFE ^_^ This Sunday meet me at MAISON :) It's gay lou party >_< Ohhhh no ! Feels so weird .

If you wanna know me at where,just view my profile ,hehehee,why?Cause CHECK IN CHECK IN ! :P Anyway,let's view my picture ! ^_*
Ignore my panda eyes :S

Jusco startbucks ^_^

Pavillion :)

Maison night :)

My sexy back,lols! 

Maison night :)

With friends ^_^

Recently my life picture ^_^ Hmmm....I need a job T.T should i do that work?hmmm... 

I saw a things  feel now very bek cek !!If you first time look me image feel so bad,please  don't out with me next time!ASSHOLE o0o!

Wednesday, June 29


Hey yo buddies,i have been a long time didn't update blog .Well ~ i have nothing to update ,Ghost! So I just upload some my new picture here !hehee.

When i can get the IPHONE 4 ?Who can buy for me? i need a job now :( 

Saturday, June 18

club 7.

Yesterday is happy hour time,alright,sure i will out to enjoy my night life:D Well ~short post here,actually i go Mist yesterday,but my cousin darling birthday,then i reject my friends go mist.Yeah ! i go Club 7 then.Its party time,drink drink and drink,finally i vomit ^^ Queekk. :(

JASON LOW KA HO AND ANDERSON MOO are you drunk till like this ?omg baby !gay ..(z_z)


Nothing to write then?Its time to Byee!!*wink 

Tuesday, June 14

time square&car show..

Yo Yo buddies,too bored here so i come update my blogger ^_^Let's start blogger now.Last Saturday went to time square with my sister and friends..Nothing special,lazy to write,just let the pic show.hehee :)

Next day,car show at "niu che shui"..same,just let pic show..forgive me lazy to write :)

my dreams phone,BB ,when i can get you ?:(

Just simple take,this Wednesday till Friday i work at solaris mont kiara,meet me at there ! :D 
BB phone BB phone.i need you right now :( byee.its time to sleep !